Good Hair

I’ve always had trouble adjusting to my ferociously curly hair in a predominately white society Not that everyone doesn’t absolutely love my hair, because they do, but when you grow up hearing “I love your hair… but did you know you could be really pretty if…“, you tend to forget how great it really is.
So, when I started watching the British television series Misfits, I was absolutely thrilled to discover Antonia Thomas, a mixed girl with hair like mine, who was totally gorgeous and rocked her hair amazingly well.


Immediately, I began modeling my hair styles after her varying ones in each show episode.  I was so happy to finally find a style that I actually felt attractive in.  After awhile, I became vaguely discontented with the contrast of my dark hair compared to her light brown with light highlights hair, and decided alter the color on my own.

From my own perspective, I am a hair coloring veteran.  Since the age of 14, when I first discovered the color Plum Purple, I have been through so many hair colors I wouldn’t know my true color save for my eyebrows.

Blue streaks, blonde highlights, pink and orange stripes, fully auburn color, blue black, black with purple highlights… you name it, I probably had it.

Thanks to the Alisha Bailey character, I am now 22 years old, with a hair style and cut that I always feel beautiful in, whether it’s curly or straight.  It’s a warm, cinnamon brown color with dark blonde highlights, low side bangs, and shoulder-length.

Every day I leave my room, no matter which way I wear my hair, someone still comes up to me and says “You know, you would look totally beautiful if…“, but that doesn’t matter anymore.

I found someone that I think looks attractive, and that’s where inner sexiness stems from.  Yes, when I dress up it’s to look good for other people, but in all honesty, only about 10% of the people who think I look good actually let me know about it.  In that case, I want to look beautiful for the person that matters most in my life: myself.

The majority of mixed-race females have identity issues, born out of an inability to identify with either of our parents, or any of our family members for that matter.  The best advice I can give to multiracial youths is to take the time and do the research to find someone that you think is beautiful that you can identify with.

When I was young, I had Scary Spice 🙂


… but when was the last time anyone saw her rocking her natural curly locks?  Despite being paid to maintain her ethnic identity, I guess the media got to her too.

Just in case minority females don’t already have enough difficulty maintaining their identities, let’s take one of their role models and make her white-bred…


It’s fine, though… Antonia Thomas has our back.

… just look at her.


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