Sleeping on the Job

For the life of me, I am still not sure why this happens.
I have an extremely strict schedule when it comes to my work week.  The latest that I go to bed is 11:30 pm, so at worst, I get 7 hours of sleep a night.  Compared to 90% of adults that I know, this is fantastic.

I eat a non-starchy breakfast, usually fruit, yogurt, or oatmeal, and drink water constantly throughout the day.  On days where I don’t have meetings, I feel vibrant and energized all day.

But, of course, on Wednesdays when we have our Corporate Communications meetings and on Fridays when I have my weekly one-on-one meetings with my boss, all that energy is nowhere to be found.

My eyes act in accordance with the lights in the room.  When they go off, they go down.  As a side note, I’m still confused as to the purpose of turning off lights during a meeting when the overhead projector isn’t being used… I think they’re trying to set me up.

Regardless, I have found myself struggling to keep my eyes open during these meetings, even when my boss is looking right at me and expecting a response to his questions.  To my credit, there is a possibility that I am very sneaky with these sleeping spells, as no one has yet to comment on them.

In any case, I knew something had to be done about this when I actually fell out of my chair while we were going over a PowerPoint presentation on his computer.

The next week, I fell asleep at my own desk because the lights are programmed to turn off after 15 minutes of no movement.  I was super focused on what I was doing at the computer and neglected to inform the light that I hadn’t yet left the premises.  The lights turned off… my eyelids went down.

My boss came in to see where I was and I woke up in a flurry and started fake typing away at the keyboard.                                 -___-

I attempted bringing food to my meetings, but was thwarted by a crumb cake muffin.

I attempted bringing drinks to my meetings, but usually end up falling asleep and getting a straw stuck partially up my nose.

I started going to bed even earlier, but to no avail.

… Ideas would be greatly appreciated here… this is embarrassing.

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  1. well it would be narcolepsy. but since it only happens at meetings at ur work. it isn’t.
    trust me. i’m a shrink.
    u are so lucky. if only i had been able to sleep through all meetings at work, i wouldn’t have retired early.
    no meeting for any reason, should ever last for more than 10 minutes.
    if you can’t say it ten minutes in a meeting, f…off, it’s not important. meeting over. sleep on.
    just maybe prop notebooks on the sides of your chair, so u won’t fall off it?
    i got paid a lot of money for this kinda advice be4 i retired.



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