Published Articles

A selection of various articles over the last few years that have been published:

Moral Rights for Musical Compositions in the United States: It’s Not Just Fair, It’s an Obligation – Hastings Communication & Entertainment Law Journal; 2018

The PROMOTE Act of 2017: Issa Good Start – GEMALawReview; 2018

All Eyez On Me: How Alternative Dispute Resolution Could Have Saved the Failed Tupac Biopic – GEMALawReview; 2017

Fitch Senior High School grad Richard Switzer takes Hollywood by storm –; 2015

‘Sleepy Hollow’ to leave North Carolina after loss of production tax incentives –; 2015

Peter Griffin and Liam Neeson get into a fight in Waterbury –; 2015

3 reasons to watch the premiere of ‘iZombie’ –; 2015

Watch: New ‘Power Rangers’ short is a dark and gritty reimagining –; 2015

‘Empire’ is a modern retelling of ‘King Lear’ –; 2014

Charlie Sheen may return to ‘Two and a Half Men’ –; 2014

REVEALED: The dark twist from ‘Bones’ Season 10 –; 2014

Has Technology Ruined Communication? – Boston Urban News; 2013

10 Hopeless Places All Twenty-somethings Look for Love –; 2013

The Real Difference Between Cat and Dog People Isn’t What You Think –; 2013

The Levels of Intoxication You Will Experience When You Go Out To A Bar – ThoughtCatalog; 2013

Bus Driver Veers Towards Harassment – Hartford Courant; 2012

Cat vs. Girl – Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Cat’s Life; 2009

The Crocus – Poem; The 2008 National Poetry Anthology

The Joy of Birthmas – Chicken Soup for the Soul: Family Matters; 2008

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