“All You Men Are Just Alike!”… or are they?


Gentlemen, pay close attention, because I am about to blow your minds.

You know that annoying phrase “All you men are just alike!” that women love to use? Don’t worry, it’s a lie.

I mean, sure, I’ve used it too, but it’s just not true.

First of all, what we really mean to say is “All you men treat us exactly the same , crappy way, and we don’t like it!”

Second of all, it’s not your fault, guys, and this is because of one, simple rule:

What we allow is what will continue.

Think about it:
The average female can go through anywhere from one to a thousand relationships in her romantic lifetime, with only one common trait between all of them: her.

It’s not the men that are all the same, honey, it’s you. You’re not learning from your mistakes.

Human nature, for whatever reason, is to push the envelope until something makes you stop. Tolerance is bound by inertia, and if you engage in relationship after relationship maintaining the same level of tolerance over the way you are treated, all of the men you date will end up treating you the exact same way, and it’s not their fault… it’s yours.

Ladies, if you have an issue with the way you’re being treated in your relationships, it’s time for some serious self-re-evaluation. (Yes, I might have made up that word).

Maybe you’re not projecting yourself appropriately to your men.

Maybe you’re so concerned with starting a relationship that you’re allowing questionable things to slide by in an effort to stay in one.

Whatever the reason may be, it is enabling the men in your life to treat you in a way that is less than what you deserve.

Take back control.

What you allow is what will continue… and that will never change.

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