Videos & Sketches

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The unNatural Order; 2022

An Eye for An Eye; 2019

DaMunch Intro Video; 2014

Web Series; Sexting; 2014

CLAIM TO FAME – NBC Sitcom Pitch; 2014

 JUSTICE Student Film; 2011

A young girl seeks out justice for the murder of her younger sister.

DON’T LET GO Student Film; 2011

Two girls caught between warring gangs struggle to maintain their friendship within the boundaries of a single neutral territory: a public garden.

GROUP THERAPY Student Film; 2012

A mockumentary of a rookie therapist as she navigates her group therapy sessions with a whole host of colorful characters.

MR. DO-GOOD Student Film; 2011

A character analysis of a young chap who tries to do good, but inadvertently ends up ruining other peoples’ days.


A sneaky genie preys on a mortal’s weaknesses in the hope of becoming human again.

TOOT IT AND BOOT IT PARODY Student Music Video; 2012

A parody of the YG song “Toot It and Boot It”, filmed for a Theories of Media and Culture class

Student Film: The Chronicles of Kenneth Kramwell; Matthew Sibley, 2012

Student Film: Garage; Jon Rinkerman, 2010

Student Film: Average Joe; Jon Rinkerman, 2010