The Game

I am so out of my depth when it comes to playing the game.  Call me crazy, but I believe that love should be easy… You feel it, you say it, you do it, you act it, and you live it.  Should be simple, right?

Problem is, everyone is so concerned with what other people think that they are too insecure to just be themselves and let themselves feel what they feel.  Guys tend to act out inappropriately to overcome those insecurities.

This is exactly what I think every time some dude struts up to me, biting on his lower lip, tugging at my hand, and telling me that I’ll never have it so good if I let him “get to know me.”  Then I let him buy me a drink, sip it while he looks me up and down still biting his lip, and ask him if he remembers my name, which he never does.

I’m just like, “Bro, really? Really?  What made you think that was gonna work?”

It actually offends me that a guy will look at me, weigh how hard it will be to get me into bed, and then decide that a compliment on my “exotic features” or “beautiful smile” while his eyes drift to my butt will suffice.  Boy, bye.

I’ve already decided that I don’t talk to guys that approach me.  I literally have to like you all on my own for anything to ever happen.

Here’s the thing about me: if I like you, then you pretty much have no reason to be insecure.  I don’t like people casually and it doesn’t fade quickly.  I’m not going to wake up one day and feel differently; that kind of thing takes time.

If I like you, it means that I want to get to know you.  It doesn’t mean that I want to marry you, or sleep with you, or spend all of my time with you.  It means, very simply, that I like you, and I’d like to get to know you better.  Don’t be scared.

Do not, however, under any circumstance, drunkenly stumble over to me at a bar and think that you are going to get anywhere with me.  Sure, I’ll engage in an entertaining conversation with you just in case you’re a crazy that gets aggressive when dismissed, but nuh-huhyou ain’t getting these goodies.

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