From the Strong Woman to the Weak Man

I am nobody’s warm body.  This seems contradictory based on my behavior in the past, but realistically speaking, you were never my warm body and I should have been more than that to you.

I am nobody’s warm body, especially not for the person that should respect me far beyond that and should love me for more than that.

I am nobody’s warm body.  This is the end of the road, so I’ll be brief.  We are not friends.  Maybe we never were, but we sure as hell aren’t now.  You will never again enjoy the pleasure of my company in an intimate setting and you will never again have the satisfaction of believing that you have the ability to ignite any serious emotions within me, whether they be love or hate.

I am nobody’s warm body, and you no longer matter in any capacity above an acquaintance that provides brief spells of verbal entertainment when we accidentally and inevitably cross paths.  I am not a bad person and am therefore incapable of completely expelling you from my life, so you have become a nonentity to me.

I don’t expect that you will make this decision easy on me, but trust me that I am ready for you this time.

I am nobody’s warm body… and you are nothing.



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