The Problem with Sex

I was watching Dirty Dancing the other day, and I had an epiphany.  Most problems in relationships are caused by the guys, not the girls!  Wait, hear me out…

Standard scenario: Girl meets guy; they talk, they dance, they kiss, they schmooze, they enjoy each others company… and they have sex.  Then what?  All of the problems start after sex.  Why?  Because the guy always gets awkward about it!

Due to erroneous media depictions and a very select few number of girls in real life, guys have decided that once they sleep with a girl, she must be obsessed with them and they therefore need to be careful around her.

I’m sorry, boys, but calling a girl after you sleep with her does not mean you want to marry her… it means that you have general human respect for her.  I don’t know who raised you to think otherwise, but in no world is it polite to let a girl give herself to you, and then not contact her the next day.

Take Dirty Dancing, for example.  Johnny sleeps with Baby, taking her virginity.  Does Baby fawn all over him and stalk him?  Does Baby announce to all of his friends what he did?  Does Baby publicly hang on him and try to be his girlfriend?  No.

Johnny decides that he needs to be uncomfortable, without any indication from Baby’s actions, and makes their whole relationship completely awkward

…Peep the clip:

She was literally fine until he walked in and wouldn’t acknowledge her, and when she leaves, all he says is “See ya.”  Wow.

For those of you who don’t know the movie, the next scene follows with her waiting for him outside, to talk to him.  This is not inappropriate in the least, despite what some ignorant boys may think.  She deserves an explanation for his behavior, especially if he’s not a jerk.

Oh, so she was good enough for him last night, but not the next morning?  No… it doesn’t work that way.

Boys, don’t kid yourselves.  You are not a boss, or a baller, or a playa if you’re able to sleep with girls and ignore their feelings afterwards; you are a boob who was either not raised properly, or ignored everything good that was taught to you.

Next time you’re about to embark on any sort of physical relationship with a girl, pay close attention to her actions and your emotions… guaranteed you’re spiraling down the crazy path all by yourself, filling your head with false notions of her opinions of you, and you really need to calm down.  Try letting her actually do or say something crazy before you go making assumptions… you might be pleasantly surprised…

… And we all know what happens when you make an assumption: you make an ass out of you and ‘umption’… Not me, just you.  I’m fine.

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