OKCupid and Thirsty Boys

So, as I stated in my last entry, I had barely begun to post my pictures, when I began receiving messages from guys in the Greater Boston area.  I had to put off answering my essay questions to discover better compatibility because I was overwhelmed with new notifications and messages.  At the end of this post I will post some of the funnier messages.  In general, OKCupid allows you to ignore messages, which Facebook doesn’t (people can now tell when you’ve read a message and purposefully decided not to answer it), but I foolishly decided to go ahead and answer all of them.  I mean, how can you have a truly successful experiment if you leave variables out?

Besides, as already decided in What’s My Type, I really need to stop focusing on the exterior of these guys and pay more attention to likes, dislikes, desires, dreams, goals, and specific personality traits.  OkCupid does a great job with asking questions that I never even thought to consider when looking for a date.  Fairly, brilliant if you ask me.  The site asks you a question about your own preference, and then it asks you the same question in regards to your ideal future mate’s preference, and then it asks you to rate exactly how important that information is.  They have thousands of these questions, some more relevant than others, of course, but all fairly useful.

Thank god I didn’t use my school email for this, however, as my inbox has become inundated with “You have a new message“.  Yeah, I know.  I get a new message every fifteen minutes from a thirsty boy who hasn’t even bothered to read my personality essays and is pseudo-obsessing over my profile pictures.  ick.

I cracked up when I realized that there are 3 ways you can be matched on OKCupid… as a match, as a friend, and as an enemy  Whoever this fella is, well, let’s just say I won’t be contacting him because, last time I checked, enemy was a pretty strong word.  I’m feeling a bit wary of the 14%.  That’s just me… I’d prefer my future everything to have no percentage of enemy with me.
I gave one lucky gent my number (college student, 6’6, D1 basketball player, mixed, fairly attractive, originally from the south), so we’ll see where that takes us.  We’ll call him D, in future posts.  The unimportant ones that I deign to discuss will be left anonymous, the worthwhile ones will be given Alphabetized letters for their names… that feels fair.

   Who couldn’t answer this comedian?  Besides, although I blocked his photo, he was actually more than a little attractive.  I also appreciate that we aren’t any percentage of enemies.        I’ll bet he says that to all the girls *rolls eyes*… man candy?  It’s funny because I never thought of it that way, but I guess that’s what I’m doing.  Trolling the web for “man candy”.  I can’t even type that with a straight face.

   In what world is 2% enemies a good thing?  Coupled with the fact that this guy was over the age of 40, I chose to actually not respond to this upstanding gentleman.        This was in response to me telling him that he was weirding me out with his responses.  He gets points for making me laugh out loud, however.  I may continue responding to him.

   This one was more weird than funny.  I politely replied that he seemed interesting… his next question was if I was into the whole student/professor thing.  #Womp… Pass.     This one is funny because I hadn’t actually posted anything besides pictures on my profile yet… so what exactly does he mean by “detailed”?  Silly kid, tricks are for kids. Of course I answered this one.  Who can resist such a new and refreshing come-on?  Not I… We could actually have a fairly comical interaction.  You know, I’ve been asking myself the same question.  I think it has something to do with the incredible foolishness of certain people who will no doubt come to regret their rash decisions later in life.  Regardless, I answered that one with the classic “I don’t know… how come you are?  Hm??” I mean, thanks.  But seriously, that’s like a Facebook comment.  I don’t think I need to dignify him with a response.  He’s on OKCupid because those lines don’t work face-to-face… they definitely don’t work online either.  Sorry, thanks for playing. Oh, he’s good.  Sends the message like he’s not hitting on me, while at the same time throwing in some information that should impress me.  *snaps for him* I’ll respond just because he’s being cleverer than most.

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