For a Good Time Call…

This is the first of many posts which will document my attempts to stop Wikipedia-ing movie plots before actually seeing the movie.

It’s weird- I know, but I can’t help it… something about feeling as though I can’t fully enjoy a movie if I’m wondering what is happening in the plot.

Regardless, I’ve decided to start transcribing the step-by-step reactions I have while watching the trailers of these movies I know nothing about… should be interesting, if not mildly entertaining.

For A Good Time Call…

00:10 : Honestly, even a gay Justin Long could get it.  Not sure who his brunette girlfriend is, but I’m not sure why they’re friends.  We’re looking at a typical scowly, thinks she’s better than everybody else because she doesn’t have fun chick who has to safe-ride the hot, blonde sorority girl home despite not wanting to.  Bummer… probably shouldn’t have been cruising by the party in the first place.

00:18 : Oh, this isn’t going to end well.  I’ve tried peeing in a cup before.  We, as females, were not engineered to be able to succeed at such tasks.  I would like to see her get urine all over Miss. Uptight’s car, though…

00:25 : Haha yes! Even better than I was imagining.  I mean, yes, it’s kind of gross, but props because I did not see that coming.  At all.

00:30 : Yeah, probably would have done the same thing in all honesty.  Maybe would have cried a bit too.

00:32 :  Oh, no way.  Flash forward ten years and she’s still friends with fun, gay friend?  I guess I need one if they stay friends with you even when you have nothing in common and are an uptight b**ch.

00:39 : Typical.  Obviously that was gonna happen… Oh, but yay!  Gay friend comical entrance made me laugh out loud.  Hi, to you too!  In all seriousness, though, who agrees to live with someone they don’t know just because their friends says “Oh, I have the perfect place for you!” … I don’t think so.

00:49 : Blah, blah, blah they don’t get along.  Obviously this is from the uptight brunette chick’s point of view because it looks like the blonde is a pole-dancing, too-much eyeliner wearing bimbo who is too inconsiderate to buy toilet paper.

01:00 : That’s my kind of girl… caught in an awkward situation and makes a sexual parent joke? Hell yes.  On the other hand, I would be seriously miffed if I was making sex noises in the room and my roommate decided to investigate.  I mean… what did she think she was gonna find?

01:11 : Not better than phone sex? Guess where this is going… brunette girl already can’t afford her own apartment, now all she needs to do is get fired…

01:14 : *throws hands up in the air* She didn’t even have a job?!  Who’s too good for phone sex now??

01:20 : Now she’s going to try and bully her way into a management position so she still feels “better” than phone sex… oh, of course.  The blonde girl isn’t smart enough to realize she was doing just fine on her own.  Although… it would be fun to have a roommate down for all those shenanigans too, I guess.

01:36 : Cute little bff montage here… Blondie does all the work while brunette is… the secretary?  Pretty sweet deal, I guess… making mad money, dancing around the apartment in weird spanky pants, and giggling around together, clearly past the whole “urine thrown in your face” thing.

01:49 : Ah, yes.  Brunette girl doesn’t want to be boring anymore.  Solution?  Phone sex!

02:01 : Wait… Blondie has no friends?  I REFUSE to believe that… not with that bubbly personality and hot bod.  Regardless, here we go with the unlikely friendship pairing.  Blondie teaches Brunette how to stop being so uptight, and I guess Brunette gives Blondie a female friend finally?  And teaches her how to manage her money… Oh wait!  Don’t forget to throw in the hot gay friend!  Oh duh, because now they can ALL be a bff trio! Cute.

02:09 : Haha okay, wow!  Brunette is taking the whole “no more boring” thing a little far… but needless to say, I am intrigued!! It helps they’re being filmed by the gay bff.

02:19 : To be honest, from what I’ve seen, I’m not sure if the brunette can pull of “phone sex kitten”… Either that or she’s a fantastic actress and is going to really blow me away…

02:24 : Oh, well, this movie is already a winner.  Justin Long and Seth Rogen?

Conclusion?  Hell yeah… I will be watching. ASAP.

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