The hardest thing in life is deciding between trying harder, and giving up.

In all honesty, usually it is best to take the latter path because despite your misgivings, you are probably in danger of losing yourself if you try to hold onto him any longer than you should.  It is just time to face the undeniable truth that he is no longer the person who once held your heart. For all purposes, that person is gone.

The passion, emotion, and relationship that your heart aches for no longer exists and it is time to realize that it is never coming back.  Easier said than done, right?

If that person was someone that you used to do everything with, that means that everything holds a memory of them, and your time together… the movies, the park, the train, your room, his floor number on the elevator, the bars, the clubs, the restaurants.  It seems like in order to get over someone, you have to completely revamp your life and change the way you once did everything.

This is not true.

I firmly believe that you should never have to stop doing anything that you want to do because of a guy.  Ever.  Learn how to do the things you love without him.

It makes the short term break-up harder, true, but it makes the long-term break-up come faster and easier.

It ended for a reason

Either you ended it, or they ended it.  If you did it, hold onto to that reason like a lifeline and use that to get you through your withdrawals.  If they did it, accept the fact that they have chosen to  believe you are not right for them, and understand that every time you want to text them or call them.

Contacting them will just make you feel worse.

You should never regret your decisions, so once you decide to give up, allow yourself to be okay with that, and move on.

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