Sharing is Caring?

Let’s be perfectly clear about a very specific characteristic I have that I am very proud of… I am very upfront with what I want from the moment I start talking to someone and it’s not my fault that they either

A.) Don’t listen; or

B.) Try to get over on me.

I am an only child and the one, incontrovertible fact that stems from this is that I do not like to share.  That goes for my toys, my food, my parents, and especially my boys.

I find it very tiresome that boys (and yes I am very purposefully using the term ‘boys’ instead of ‘guys’, or heaven forbid, ‘men’) decide that they need to have sex with me so bad that they will ignore this one simple request I have of them.  Actually it’s 2 requests, but they go together.

If you choose to engage in a relationship with me that involves sexual intercourse, you will not, under any circumstance, do so with another female.

If you do, you better damn well have the decency to be upfront about it, suffer the consequences, and allow me to cut you off.  The second part of this is quite obvious is you think about it:

You should not, under any circumstance, engage in behavior that would allow me to become concerned with whether or not you are, in fact, engaging in sexual congress with another female.

Jealousy is for children, boys, and I do not have time for it.

“Give me a man who is man enough to give himself just to the woman who is worth him. If that woman were me, I would love him alone, and forever.”


You cannot have a successful relationship with anyone, specifically me in this case, where you feel the need to do things to keep them on edge or uncomfortable because you’re afraid of what might happen if they get too comfortable with you.

Yes, especially in college, these rude relationships are fun and make us think that we’re leading these sexy, exciting lives, but there is a reason the divorce rate is now higher than ever…

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