Female Reactions

One of my favorite topics is debunking common misconceptions that boys have about the way females operate.  They like to pretend that they are the simple ones and that we are crazy.  This is false, with a few unimportant exceptions.

I will not deny that we, as females, are emotional creatures.  Emotion is actually a good thing.  Boys inappropriately believe that Emotional = PMS = Crazy.

This is erroneous on all counts.

In fact, being emotional merely means that we have strong reactions… a reaction, in case you didn’t know, is actually a reaction.  It is our response to something you have done.

Stop shaking your heads.  I’ll say it again… It is our response to something you have done.

Here’s a good example, using a common sentiment boys like to start most relationships with, and then use way too much during break-ups:

“I was afraid you would get too attached”     ……. or my personal favorite:

“I don’t want you to fall in love with me.”

I think that is so funny because it is so obvious that every boy attempts to get every girl to fall in love with them, because it is a fantastic ego boost.

Guaranteed that if you really don’t want a girl to ‘fall in love with you’, she won’t.

Boys think they’re so slick with their little phrases, but we know what’s up.  Boys live for the day that they finally get a girl to admit she has feelings to them, so they can high-five themselves and then take a dump on her face… figuratively speaking, of course.

So classy, gentlemen.

I was talking to this one guy who spent most of his energy discussing all of the girls who were so obsessed with him that they would do his laundry, his homework, buy his clothes, and even pay when they went out. *RED FLAG*

Any guy who is proud of the multitude of girls he keeps around that either have such low self-esteem they don’t mind demeaning themselves to be in his life or have been promised things from him he won’t ever give, is not a keeper.

And FYI… when he says “No, she’s just a really good friend who does nice things for me”, that is stage 1 of his manipulation to eventually turn you into one of his sad little groupies so that when he picks his “new cow“, you can be added to his list of conquests that she will pity, just like you did before her.

The point here is that boys, whether they admit to realizing it or not, do and say very calculating things to make us uncomfortable, make us think a certain way, and make us want certain things.  Hence… our emotional re-actions.

I mean, for me personally, the second a guy tells me that he doesn’t do certain things with girls he is talking to, like shower with them, or go down on them, unintentionally the first thing that pops into my head is “Oh yeah? We’ll see about that, sucka.”

Inevitably, because of the way that I operate, I win, and then I high-five myself when you leave.

But honestly… I’m not really winning because you’re the one who manipulated me into actually caring about what you were gonna do or not do with me… so feel free to high-five yourself as well.

I guess the thing to take away from this is that we all play games, and we all manipulate each other, and we all have weird “crazy” moments…

…But don’t you dare use hormones or the menstrual cycle to tell us we shouldn’t be reacting the way that we do because, guaranteed, you provoked us, and were just unprepared for the magnitude of our re-action.

Suck it up… you asked for it.

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