Cats and Dogs

Although I have yet to have a truly successful relationship with a member of the opposite sex, my theories on the interactions, both good and bad, that we engage in are both boundless and limitless.

To explain theories always requires examples, and what better way to utilize an example than to find a personal one?

Now, if you attended Northeastern University between 2008 and the present, you might know me and if your opinion of me is anything other than “Yeah, I’ve seen her, but I don’t really know her”, then you are wrong.

Due to a serious of unfortunate circumstances including befriending a girl who decided she hated me for no reason and losing my virginity to a boy I probably had no business even being friends with, I retained an erroneous reputation as a slut which many, both friend and foe, have used as a manipulation tool constantly through college.

I choose to use this blog as an honest testament to the person that I really am, and will use real-life situation and examples to explain my general theories on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

As a preface to all of that, I would like to offer up a theory that I have about girls and relationships, based on whether you own a cat or a dog.

Dog People: you come home from work and your dog is so happy to see you.  They want you to play with them, pet them, talk to them, and they love you unconditionally and quite obviously.

Cat People: you come home from work and your cat appears, making you feel loved for a brief second before it scampers off and proceeds to ignore you until it either wants something, or senses you’re about to leave.

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How does this translate?  Easy.

By the time we, as females, are ready to embark on a relationship with a boy, if you are a dog person, then you expect to be showered with love and attention, but if you’re a cat person, you think being ignored and under-appreciated is normal, and don’t realize until it’s too late that this type of relationship, while having no effect on your self-esteem when it comes to your cat, has slowly been destroying your soul when it comes to boys.

By the way… I have a cat.

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