Alpha Males

TO BEGIN; Alpha Male Definition:

(wiki) the alpha is the individual in the community with the highest rank.

(urban) the older alpha male will evolve the classical traits of strength, intimidation and dominance beyond the physical by gaining power over men through their very means of living and professional reputation.

With the exception of the below mentioned exceptions, Alpha females date Alpha males.

EXCEPTIONS: fake alpha male was pretty slick and treated her like crap until she forgot she was an alpha female, circumstances threw them together so much that they decided to give it a go, everyone else in the world died in a fire.

With the exception of the below mentioned exceptions, Alpha females hang out with other Alpha females.

EXCEPTION: you’re insecure about your status and like having ugly and/or corny girls around you to make yourself look better. *Disclaimer: you are probably not a real alpha female… sorry*

With the exception of the below mentioned exceptions, Alpha males hang out with other Alpha males.

EXCEPTIONS: you grew up together and maintained the “my homie still lil wayne” status, you play on the same team and one of you is good and the other sucks, you owe each other from some previous unmentionable event.

With that in mind, I will continue.

My sophomore year in high school boasted a serious sexual awakening for me.  The boy that I was “seeing” was far more experienced than I (already had sex vs. never been kissed), so I was afraid to truly date him because I wasn’t ready for the ‘big bang’… if you will.  However, we were supposedly exclusive, until I found out we weren’t really exclusive, but I figured that I could overlook the side sexual activity.  I mean, since I obviously wasn’t giving it to him, could I really blame him?

Sidenote– that is classic cat person behavior.  If you don’t pet your cat, you know she’s just going to find someone else to pet her, and you expect that.  Dog people know that their dog is just gonna curl up in a ball and whimper a lot.

Regardless… that year took me from my first kiss, to first french kiss, to first hand job, to first blow job, all with different boys.  Needless to say, despite the fact that I was neither dating nor exclusive with any of these boys (nor them to me) double standard laws dictate that when they went on a football away game together and found about about each other, they were very angry with me.

Personally, I find this frustrating and unfair, hence the aforementioned alpha male discussion.  To preface my argument, I was not seeing any of these boys at the same time, they were just in succession of each other, and I met each one of them through their predecessor.

If you are dating an alpha male, naturally he hangs out with other alpha males.  This probably means that you are all fairly attractive people with at least something relevant to offer in life, so you probably get along real well.

We, as females, are not in the wrong because once you are “done” with us, one of your friends snatches us up.  Sorry they recognized our worth more than you did…  F$%@ YOU DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!

If we followed your rules, all alpha females would be forced to marry cornballs because all of the alpha males who are tools when they’re under the age of 25 dicked us over and cut us off from their friends.  Not on my watch.

And this does not make the little “pass-around” game some guys like to play okay.

   As another FYI… real alpha males don’t share.  *Hint Hint*

You know who you are.

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