5 Things That Should Be Obvious… but Never Are Part 2

Thus far, in the span of my short, twenty-two years of life, I have come up with a list of random things that should be obvious to females, but for whatever reason, are not.  I’ll post them 5 at a time, since I usually also feel the need to explain why these things make the list, and that would get too long for one post.

#1: A Smile is Half the Battle.

The saying that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar is 100% true.  I’ve found that if I walk into a room smiling and catching peoples’ gazes instead of staying downcast, it is inordinately easier to receive assistance in things.  I’ve recently discovered that the percentage of things which are actually out of my grasp has diminished significantly since I started being nicer to people.

#2: It wasn’t as good as your memory claims.

99% of the time the main reason we, as females, are unable to let go of a past relationship is that we continuously play back all of the good times in our heads, and completely forget about the bad times.  We remember the laughs, the late night phone calls, the movie nights, the long walks in the park, and the snuggling.  What we fail to remember are the times he made us cry, the cancelled dates, his flirting with every single female that walked by, and his constant attempts to belittle something about you.  Try remembering all of that and see how quickly you get over him.   

#3: There is no line between flirting and cheating.

Due to the shortcomings of 21st century males, we, as females, have become programmed to think that “looking, but not touching” is okay.  This is simply not true.  Now, I am not saying that guys should be like my father, but he does a fantastic job of “having eyes only” for my mother.  I, personally, believe that he should be the norm, not the exception, and when it comes down to it, that is what I will expect from my man.

#4: Train them early.

Boys are programmed to see how much they can get away with.  If you allow them to do things, then they will do them.  If you don’t allow them to do things, then they won’t do them.  Girls erroneously believe that they need to portray themselves a certain way in order to catch a guy.  The truth is that if you’re not being yourself, you’re going to end up catching a guy who isn’t suitable for you.  So I say: be yourself, tolerate only what you want to tolerate, and make sure the boy you catch knows how to treat you properly.  Even the good ones can go downhill if you let them.

#5: “Doing you” actually does work.

You’d be surprised how incredibly fulfilled you’ll feel if you fill up your time with things that you enjoy.  Another phrase for this is trimming the drama out of your life.  The more time you spend doing things that make you happy, the less time you have for things that make you sad.  Find out what you’re good at, or even better, something you really want to be good at, and organize yourself to make those things happen.  I co-DJ a radio show with a friend, go bowling every Tuesday, watch movies whenever I want, and play volleyball with my friends every chance that I get… that leaves no time whatsoever for anyone else’s crap, and that’s exactly how I want it.

                                       Mind blown, right?

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